Our Story

In the year 1970, the first new church in over one hundred years was started in Orange County. As He so often does, God placed a call upon a man and Pastor Walter Minto responded to that call and started Harmony Baptist Church. He came to Scotchtown at the invitation of Mr. Wes Zwart and a small team of men and with their families began a new work in the Middletown area. Pastor Minto served as Senior Pastor and began Harmony Christian School in 1980.

During the over forty years in existence, Harmony, as it has come to be known, has experienced a high of 500 in attendance as well as the ravages of industry layoffs and economic downturns. God provided consistently through the gracious giving of His people as they built the sanctuary, gym, and education wing. As in the beginning we have seen the hand of God in guiding, blessing and providing and anticipate that we will continue our journey under His watchful eye and gracious hand.